5 tips for those who are going to buy a used smartphone or tablet

The purchase of a new smartphone or tablet is always accompanied by several questions, ranging from choosing the ideal configuration for the activities that will be carried out with the device to the ideal operating system, design, and integration with other products, for example. For those who choose a used device to save money, care needs to be redoubled.
Tracfone, a startup specializing in the sale of used and used and used smartphones and tablets, has brought together five fundamental tips to help consumers get a good deal and avoid headaches:
1 – Prioritize trusted sites
The reliability of the channel where you intend to purchase the equipment is one of the priority points to consider. Buying from an unknown seller or from a website that has no expertise in this type of transaction can be very dangerous. Tracfone, for example, adopts a series of measures that help prevent scams that can end up in a bad deal, including the methodical verification of the origin of the devices to ensure that it is not a lost or stolen product. For this, it counts on the help of GSMA intelligence, which is one of the largest sources of data from mobile devices in the world.
2 – Observe the quality of the device
Often on social networks and other sales sites, there are offers for devices that do not match the current state in which they are. To avoid this type of inconvenience, Trocafone offers its users 100% functional devices, categorized as Excellent, Very Good, and Good. Each device is classified according to marks and scratches on the case or screen, signs of use, in addition to the condition of the device. battery, which must meet a minimum of 75% of its capacity regardless of category. In this way, the certainty that the user will purchase a device consistent with what is described in the ad is guaranteed, without any unpleasant surprises when opening the box.
3 – Make sure hardware and software operate correctly
Despite often appearing in excellent condition, the devices can hide some internal malfunction. Tracfone has a team of specialized technicians who are in charge of thoroughly reviewing all smartphones and tablets available on the startup’s website. Among the tests performed are the use of the front and rear cameras, operation of the device buttons, reproduction of sounds through the speakers and recording through the microphone, analysis of the internal memory, battery life and voltage, use of connectors and headphone jacks, and, finally, tests with the equipment’s Wi-Fi networks and sensors.
4 – Do not give up an effective after-sales service
Tracfone offers all refurbished devices on the website a 90-day warranty for exchange in case of functional technical problems, from the date of receipt of the device, and accepts product returns that do not meet the expectations of users within seven days after delivery of the order. In addition, the consumer receives the equipment unlocked for all operations, is sure that he has purchased an original product with the invoice, and has the company’s support to resolve any problems.
5 – Double your attention with your bank details and deliveries
Never share bank information or credit card details with suspicious websites. Never provide your password, which is personal and non-transferable under any circumstances. Tracfone has a platform that encrypts all information shared on the website, including payment transactions carried out. The company also guarantees safe and careful delivery of the equipment, which is properly packaged. If the product is lost or suffers any damage during transport, it is possible to request the return of the investment or the sending of a new product according to the user’s preference.

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