Test your internet speed with the PROTESTE tool

The internet has become a practically indispensable tool in our lives. It is through it that we can work, study, shop online, have leisure time, talk to family members, and much more. Therefore, it is essential that the internet speed in our home is not only good but also by what was signed in the contract signed between service providers and consumers. Therefore, you must test your internet speed.
Millions of Brazilian homes are connected to the internet. If you are reading this text, it is most likely part of some of the statistics below, collected by the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in 2019:
• Approximately 82% of Brazilian homes have internet access (79.1% in 2018);
• 77.9% of Brazilian households had fixed broadband internet, against 75.9% in 2018;
• 81.2% had mobile broadband internet, against 80.2% in the previous year;
The same survey shows that the most used devices for Brazilians to connect are cell phones, computers, televisions, and tablets. However, when it comes to connectivity, we already have several other devices to do this, thanks to the internet of things (IoT).
With it, it is possible to have an internet connection from a series of devices. Smartwatches (also called smartwatches ), smart TVs, and voice assistants are some examples of IoT. However, the idea goes further and can be extended to appliances and home environments (connected refrigerators and intelligent lighting systems) or even, at a global level, with autonomous cars and smart cities, which connect to the internet to improve their resources.
To do all this, the internet speed needs to be satisfactory. Returning to Brazilian homes: it’s no use having a good smartphone or wanting to make the most of your newly purchased smart if the connection at home is always slow or even if the internet goes down all the time.
Therefore, you must test your internet speed to find out if your service provider is delivering the contracted speed.
PROTEST Speedometer
There are several speedometers available on the market that indicate what internet speed is available for your family. Despite this, none of them have the possibility to file a claim, if the test result indicates that the internet in your home is below what it really should be.
Therefore, with the official PROTESTE tool, you not only test the internet speed at home but also have the support of a team specialized in consumer protection to fight for your rights if it is verified that your connection does not correspond with the hired.
When you test your connection speed, if it is not satisfactory, you can contact us right away and we will be able to help resolve the issue. After all, you pay a fee for the bill because you want the internet speed that was advertised, not slower internet, right?
Service providers are required by Anatel to guarantee an average of 80% of the contracted speed. If the service does not match the agreed speed, the consumer needs to perform at least 10-speed measurements to find the average result. The value can be used as proof to confirm that the service offered does not correspond to what was contracted. It is a matter of consumer rights and also of the contract between you and the service provider. It is noteworthy that the average speed throughout the month cannot be less than 80% of what was established.
So, if you have problems with slow internet for a few days throughout the month, we will help you. Try it for free and discover the real speed of your internet. If the speed shown is bad, run after your rights. And, count on PROTEST to help you not to lose. Find out if the operator is fulfilling the contract established between you and take the test!
How to hire an internet service
Hiring an internet service demands attention from the consumer, after all, no one wants to have problems with such an important service in their routine. So it is important to take some precautions. For example:
• See the company’s evaluation in the Complaint tool and the Best Plan: in both channels, you will know what the complaints are about a specific company, how they were resolved, and what to expect from the service provider;
• Register the protocol numbers: when contacting us to hire an internet service, and if possible, the day, time, and employees who participated in your service;
• Observe the contract rules: see what internet speed is in the contract, the plan value, the loyalty requirement (which cannot be longer than 12 months), among others;
• Pay attention to additional costs: see what the amounts are related to installation labor, appliances, or even unsolicited services (which can represent a tie-in).
With these precautions, you minimize the chance of having a headache with the internet service provider. Even with these precautions, some problems may appear over time. That’s when the complaints begin.
Main consumer complaints
The increase in the home office, the arrival of online classes, the increase in access to streaming services, and the famous virtual meetings made the demand for the internet grow even more in the last year. However, operators do not always provide the necessary service for consumers to use the internet correctly.
According to PROTESTE, between March and September 2020, the number of complaints received from customers about internet services increased 20% compared to the same period last year. Among the main reasons are:
• Failure to provide services;
• Non-compliance with the offer;
• Unjustified invoice;
• Interruption in the provision of the service;
• Right of repentance.
Imagine getting ready for another home office day and discovering that your home’s internet speed is so slow that it’s impossible to participate in virtual meetings or perform an important task at work. Or, think about what might happen if your kids need to access the online class and they can’t watch it because the video crashes all the time.
These and other situations are caused by a connection speed lower than the contracted one. If you experience any bad situation related to internet speed, complain!
How to complain about internet speed
To complain about your internet connection speed, there are a few options:
• The PROTEST speed test;
• The Complain channel;
• Consumer protection agencies, such as Procon;
• If the problem is persistent, even the Small Claims Court ;
• All these channels are available to service provider customers who are experiencing internet-related problems, both because of connection speed and other issues, such as improper billing.
test internet speed
As we have seen, even though Anatel obliges service providers to guarantee an average internet speed of 80% during the month, this does not always happen. In these cases, the contract signed with customers is being breached and, in this way, the consumer’s right is violated.
Don’t let this happen to you. Test it with the official PROTESTE tool and, if the result shows that the connection speed is below what it should be, use the platform itself to complain and assert your consumer rights. Use the tool right now!

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