4 tricks to use Instagram better

Today, social media is fundamental to our lives. We all spend, on our computers and smartphones, a lot of time navigating the world of these networks. Gradually, social networks start to become a fundamental part of our lives. In them, we take refuge in moments of leisure or to promote events, projects or ideas. In them, we find out about the current situation in the country and the world or discover the artistic intricacies that delight us the most. In them, we interact with acquaintances and strangers, foster relationships, and discover new work opportunities.

Living without entering the dynamics of social networks, in the 21st century, means being outside of many aspects of daily life and, for this very reason, it is rare for anyone to isolate and hide from this type of platform.

If you are part of the majority and like to use social networks, it is natural that you have several of these networks. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and Instagram are some of the most popular spaces, where people build their dynamics and interactions.

Instagram, in particular, has been gaining great prominence. Instagram, influencers, entrepreneurs, and people with new ideas have started to make this network a true platform to promote lifestyles, ideologies, practices, events, and customs.

Today, on Instagram, it is possible to create fabulous dynamics, in which interpersonal interaction is promoted, while at the same time streamlining and highlighting our daily practice or our company.

So, in this post, we will learn 4 tricks to better use Instagram, for all those who want to promote themselves or their stores and companies.

1. Subtitles are key to success

Choosing the best phrases for your photos can help you make better use of your Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote a service, a company, or simply your lifestyle: the truth is that choosing simple, appealing subtitles that attract other people’s attention can and will ensure that you gain more followers, more likes, and more comments.

People like to see the photos but also to read about what they’re seeing. Thus, choosing the right phrases can do a lot for your profile, ensuring that you catch the attention of the audiences you want to conquer.

Along with the caption – and never instead of it – it should also make use of one of Instagram’s most important features: hashtags.

The hashtags are, at the bottom, the keywords that are most popular with Instagram users. By using it, you can draw the attention of people who follow these keywords and make them explore your profile and follow you directly.

This trick will make your Instagram more successful and will help you promote all the content you publish.

2. Comment and like on profiles that interest you

Instagram is a networked social media, and as such, the more you explore other profiles, the more likely they are to do the same for you.

If you comment and like the photos you like or even profile photos of people with similar interests to yours, they will be seen. It will not only be the owner of this page to see! Many people like to read the comments of others and end up exploring profiles, following those too.

So, every time you dedicate yourself to commenting and following other profiles, you’ll also be promoting your channel.

3. Be sure to post every day

It may seem that successive publications can become an excess. But believe me: they are not! As Instagram is a widely used social network, it is natural that old posts end up disappearing from the feed.

Try to post between one and three times a day, always making separate posts and trying to space them out as much as possible.

If you publish interesting content, diversified and throughout the day, you will see that the response to them is greater, generating greater interest in your profile and published content.


4. Bet on filters to improve photos

Ideally, you should always try to publish good photographs on Instagram. In addition to composition, it is also important to pay attention to its brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Of course, a photo often doesn’t reach perfection and that’s exactly why there are filters.
Before publishing your photo, explore the filters or manually edit your photo to make it look as appealing as possible.

Don’t be afraid to make alternative images or create content that is notoriously edited, as long as it’s good.

People like, when they visit a profile, to find diverse and quality content. Try to respond to this demand from the public and ensure that the number of followers and likes increases.


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