5 tips and tricks for watching your favorite YouTube videos

YouTube is a global community that brings together two billion people, and we’re always looking to provide users with increasingly simpler and easier ways to watch and interact with their favorite videos. Here are five cool tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube – including new stuff that’s available now.

  1. Video Chapters: Jump right to the snippet of interest: The Video Chapters feature makes navigating through content even simpler. You can jump to a specific piece, watch a piece again, and much more. Now, this feature has been expanded to include a new view in list format, so that the user can find what they are looking for simply by clicking on the title of the desired chapter. You can see a complete list of all the chapters of the video the person is watching, and each chapter has a preview in thumbnail format, with a summary of the content. For those who want to save time and get straight to the point, this feature is perfect.
  2. The content display page has become even simpler: The subtitles button has moved to a more accessible and easy-to-find place, on the video display page for those who watch by cell phone. The autoplay toggle has also moved and is now easier to turn on and off while the user is watching. (We’ll be testing this change on the desktop soon as well.) You’ll also notice subtle improvements we’ve added to the video playback engine—things like reorganized buttons, with a simpler look, and smart controls that let you navigate the platform quickly.
  3. Easy hands-on commands make YouTube more efficient: People love features like tapping the screen twice to the right or left of the video to fast-forward or rewind 10 seconds. With that in mind, we’ve taken steps to make it even easier when entering or exiting full screen: just swipe up on the screen to enter full screen, or down to exit full screen. Those who prefer to see the countdown of the time remaining until the end of the video (rather than how much time has elapsed) can tap the time symbol to choose between these two alternatives.
  4. New action suggestions create an even better experience: We’re releasing new action suggestions to improve the user experience, such as rotating the phone to a better position or displaying the video in virtual reality, depending on the content. We will add new suggestions soon!
  5. “Bedtime” reminder: We recently launched the bedtime reminderThis new digital wellness tool lets you set a time to stop watching videos and go to bed, and is another feature we offer to help people control their time on YouTube.


We hope you’ll try these helpful tips the next time you check out the content of your favorite YouTube channel, and we’re counting on your suggestions and opinions to keep improving.

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