New Kaspersky Password Manager focuses on convenience

It is increasingly difficult for users to maintain control over their data. There are many profiles on delivery, entertainment, and social media sites or applications. To manage all of this, Kaspersky has updated its Kaspersky Password Manager with new across all platforms and increased the strength of passwords. For example, the Windows version is transparent and shows the security status of each password. The function that allows scanning of multi-page documents is now available for iOS users. The Android version gained support for ten browsers, in addition to Huawei devices.

Passwords are the gateway to online accounts, personal data, and our entire digital life. They are also a barrier between this information and cybercriminals trying to steal it. An effective way to protect them is to use strong and unique passwords for each service. However, it’s extremely difficult to remember them all, and it’s not safe to write the codes down on paper or in your smartphone’s notebook. This complexity drives the expansion of password managers*. 

To make the Kaspersky Password Manager user experience on Windows easier, clearer, and more transparent, Kaspersky has implemented important improvements such as the new dashboard with simple tabs, real-time password status, and action recommendations. The vault was also improved and gained the “recent” and “favorites” tabs to speed up access to the most used credentials.
Updated vault 

Viewing password security has also been simplified: the app now groups passwords according to their strength, with simple status icons. In addition, the new “Password Security Status Bar” feature shows, in real-time, if any service that requires a password change has been compromised. In addition, the new ‘Fill Applications’ option allows you to set shortcut key combinations to gain quick access to Kaspersky Password Manager credentials, as well as search for desired passwords.
Password Security Status Bar 

New password checker

What’s New for Mac 

New Mac Apple M1 users can now use Kaspersky Password Manager. The app has also been optimized for more devices that use the Apple Silicon CPU. The updated version also gained a more refined and user-friendly appearance. Those who use Safari can now copy their card numbers, addresses, and login data directly from the browser extension. 

iOS Enhancements 

The new Kaspersky Password Manager has also expanded the options available for working with documents. The multi-page document scanning feature is now accessible to customers, as is the option to quickly import documents. Additionally, users can combine multiple scans into one PDF. As a result, customers can now store their documents quickly and securely. 

New Features for Android 

Kaspersky Password Manager for Android supports 10 browsers (including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, etc.) where users can fill in data automatically. Also included is Password Check, which was previously only available on other platforms. It allows customers to verify that stored credentials have been exposed in leaked databases and control password security. Among the new updates, there is also a new dark mode, in addition, to support for Huawei devices.

The 14-day annual subscription trial is available for customers using Android and iOS, as is the option to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription via the mobile app. The new status bar with compromised passwords is also available for both mobile platforms. 

“Online credentials are one of the things cybercriminals most want as they provide access to personal and financial data. On the other hand, our life has never been so digital as it is now: banks, stores, online games, courses & training, online classes, entrance services, and more. Tools like Password Manager help us manage our digital life simply and securely, as they protect our passwords and documents with encryption – the same technology used by messaging apps to prevent snoops from spying on our conversations”, explains Fabiano Tricarico, director of Kaspersky’s consumer services for Latin America. 

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