Seagate Backup Plus now with 200Gb of cloud storage with OneDrive

Seagate Technology, the world leader in storage solutions, announces that the Backup Plus family of external storage, its popular and award-winning lineup, now offers 200GB of cloud storage with OneDrive, in addition to the Live photo and video app. Seagate Backup Plus drives come standard with Dashboard software for easy plug-and-play backup as well as a mobile device and social media backup. Seagate also announces that the Portable Backup Plus now has a capacity of up to 4Tb in an elegant form factor of just 2.5cm.


“Seagate Technology continues to innovate at a rapid pace that keeps pace with the needs of its customers, needs that are constantly changing,” said Jingwen Li, storage systems research analyst for IDC. “With services such as OneDrive cloud storage, Live app, and new 4Tb capacity, the Backup Plus family responds to the growing needs for data storage, flexible data access backup, and data management in the personal storage market.”

The Backup Plus line is the first of external drives to extend their backup to include social media content. The drives come equipped with Dashboard, software for easier backup, as well as backup to Facebook and Flickr. Seagate’s Mobile app, another unique feature of the line, can be used to back up mobile devices wirelessly, using just the network and using the cloud of your choice.

“We continue to evolve our backup offerings with software improvements and the addition of features that provide greater value through marketing partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, provider of cloud storage OneDrive, and Live Minds, developer of the data management solution. photo and video,” said Mark Whitby, senior vice president of the Seagate branded products group.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive cloud storage offered by Microsoft is an extra feature, designed to provide accessibility to a user’s content across all of their devices. A powerful tool for improving productivity, OneDrive allows easy access to all your most important files from any connected mobile device and keeps documents that are in progress up-to-date on each of your devices to share and collaborate with whomever you choose.

Photo and video management with Live:

The Seagate Backup Plus family of external drives will include the Live app that helps users collect, organize and enjoy their photos and videos. The Live app helps to organize a large number of photos and videos found in different ways of a user’s life. Synchronizes and generates a copy of all files on all devices improving organization and access. The Live app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

External drives are primarily used for backup and Seagate has been working to make backup a convenient and hassle-free task since its first release of Backup Plus and its Dashboard software in 2012.

The Backup Plus family includes the new Seagate Backup Plus with 4Tb and USB 3.0. Backup Plus Slim 12mm thick, USB 3.0, in 500Gb, 1, and 2Tb capacities. The Slimline is offered in red, black, silver, and blue. The Backup Plus Desktop drive, which includes an AC adapter, is available in capacities from 2 to 8Tb.

In Brazil, for now, the 1TB Backup Plus Slim will be available at a suggested price of R$ 449.00.

The Live app can be downloaded from the iOS app store or Google Play. OneDrive is available from the product registration.

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