Smartphone Black Shark S4 available and on sale!

Black Shark, a gaming smartphone brand, announced the Black Shark S4 in China. Among the features of the brand’s new smartphone, the ones that draw the most attention are Snapdragon 870 processor, 5G technology, dedicated gaming buttons, and 144 Hz display refresh rate.

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Some features of Black Shark S4 are shown below:


Built-in mechanical buttons

The Black Shark 4 series features mechanical buttons for more precise control of touch-based mobile gaming. These buttons give gamers unmatched tactile control and integrate seamlessly into the Black Shark 4’s body. While useful for gaming, the buttons can also serve as shortcuts to screenshots, screen recordings, and more for everyday use.

120W ultra-fast charging and 4,500mAh battery

The new Black Shark S4 has a 4500mAh battery and 120W ultra-fast charging for all-day gaming and entertainment. The Black Shark S4 battery can be fully charged to 100% in just 16 minutes.

gaming performance

The Black Shark S4 is equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™870, the next generation in mobile performance. The Black Shark S4 comes standard with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.1 flash storage for lightning-fast memory speeds.

144Hz ultra-responsive display

In addition to breathtaking color and clarity, the 6.67-inch Black Shark S4’s screen has a 144Hz refresh rate for a smoother frame rate in games. A touch sampling rate of up to 720Hz gives the Black Shark S4 the industry’s shortest touch delay – just 8.3ms – and the shortest shot delay – 24ms – making it the most responsive smartphone touchscreen ever. In addition, gamers can also manually choose screen refresh rates of 60Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz for different usage scenarios.

cinematographic audio

To create the ultimate listening experience, the Black Shark S4 features dual symmetrical speakers and an oversized sound cavity for audio. This unique design produces a spatial stereo effect even when headphones are not used.

JOY UI 12.5 e “Shark space”

Based on MIUI 12.5, the new JOYUI 12.5 combines the best and greatest mobile OS and the most professional gaming experience. Our improved game mode ( “Shark space” ) allows players to control network and performance features and temporarily block distractions like calls and texts in real-time.

liquid cooling

Black Shark 4 series adopts a new generation Sandwich liquid cooling, independently cooling 5G network chip, SoC, and 120W charging chipset for maximum cooling and performance. Cooling capabilities have increased by more than 30% over the previous generation, ensuring stable performance even playing intensive online games or 120W high power charging.

Design for Games

Boasting a bold new design and using glass in its construction, smartphones from the Black Shark S4 series usher in a new phase in the brand’s design. Compared to previous Black Shark devices, the new minimalist look is more streamlined and sophisticated, keeping the brand’s “X Core” design.

Triple Camera

The Black Shark 4 series is equipped with a 64 MP main camera, an 8 MP wide-angle camera, and a 5 MP macro camera. Features include 60 frames per second 4K movies, super night scene mode, PD technology with electronic image stabilization (EIS), and more.

gaming accessories

Along with the Black Shark 4 series, the Black Shark today announces two new accessories: the “Black Shark FunCooler 2 Pro”   and the “Black Shark 3.5mm Earphones”

The Black Shark FunCooler 2 Pro, powered by a USB Type-C connector, included a new LED display that shows current temperatures. The use of semiconductor cooling chips increases the cooling efficiency by 15% compared to the previous generation, while being 25% quieter. Additionally, the RGB lighting effect has been fully updated to coordinate with on-screen visuals.

The Black Shark 3.5mm headphones will be released in two variants: “normal” and “Pro”. Made from a premium zinc alloy, the connector uses a compact 3.5mm design, allowing gamers to play without wires in the way.

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