Teste do Fone LG TONE FREE FN6

The PC Guide received the LG TONE FREE FN6 Handset for testing. I’ve been using it daily and I can say it’s one of the best True Wireless Stereo ( TWS ) headphones I’ve been able to test. A great option with very good active noise cancellation! I start by presenting the features of the phone and then post my impressions of the phone.

Here’s some information about the phone:

LG in partnership with Meridian Audio* developed the new LG Tone Free FN6 True Wireless Headset model bringing the perfect sound calibration to your music, ensuring a more balanced and distortion-free sound.

*Meridian Audio is a British company known worldwide for assisting in the development of technologies such as Blu-ray, Dolby True HD, Hi-Res Audio, among others. In addition to producing sound systems in partnership with McLaren, Jaguar, and Land Rover

Your headset also cares for your health! The whole world is taking precautions and as these devices can contain millions of bacteria, TONE Free FN6 is unique in that it has the exclusive UV Nano Technology. In just 10 minutes, you sterilize the headphones and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. It’s more sound with more hygiene.

Featuring an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your ears and that promotes better isolation from noise, the headset also features an ambient sound mode that lets you listen to the external sound while listening to your music so you can, for example, cross the street or stop for a brief conversation in complete safety.

The FN6 also brings LG’s signature connectivity with the Tone Free app and offers resistance to sweat and rain, ideal for outdoor use. The headphones are now available in two colors, Elegant Black and Trendy White.


  • The new Tone Free features the UVNano disinfection system embedded in the refill case. Using ultraviolet light, this technology eliminates up to 99.9% * of the bacteria present in the phone while charging, providing greater well-being.
  • The headphones are also hypoallergenic and very comfortable due to the soft gel coating and non-toxic silicone.

**UVNano is an expression composed of the word UV and its unit of measure, the nanometer. Independent tests (Performed by Korea Analysis Test Researcher – KATR) have shown that the charger case eliminates up to 99% of E.Coli&S aureus bacteria on the headphones speaker screen within ten minutes while charging. All information regarding the ability to kill bacteria is based on tests carried out under ideal conditions. Actual performance will vary depending on many factors including temperature and humidity level. The UV LED Function works only when the charger is connected to a power source. Invisible, this function is only activated when the charger is closed with the headphones inside. The blue illumination that appears when the charger is open has an aesthetic function only.


MERIDIAN Technology

  • With a 6mm driver unit, the Meridian sound experience brings important improvements. This powerful little unit not only offers superior vocal clarity and bass enhancement but also a much more immersive and realistic experience, giving you the feeling that you’re not even wearing headphones.

digital signal processing

  • Meridian specializes in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and pioneered the concept of the digital active speaker with built-in amplification. This feature allows absolute control over the audio signal, providing advanced design technologies that can enhance the audio experience in any situation.

Master Quality Authenticated

  • With MQA, revolutionary music streaming feature that delivers the highest possible sound quality, you can be sure you’re hearing exactly what the artist approved in the studio.

Sound with a realistic feeling of space

  • Meridian’s Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) overcomes the challenges of headphone listening with its compact size. The HSP not only recreates a realistic sound stage that simulates the experience of listening to real speakers, but it also delivers vocals with pure clarity. This is a new audio experience that helps you forget you’re wearing headphones.

Noise cancellation and ambient sound mode

  • You are connected to what happens around you. LG built a simple button that lets you hear what’s going on around you while you press it. This eliminates the need to remove the device from the ear;
  • The snug fit in the ear also blocks out surrounding noise, even in very noisy environments;
  • The high-performance dual microphones, located at the bottom of the boom, amplify the voice and, together with the echo cancellation system, provide maximum call clarity.

Listen to your music for much longer

  • The FN6 Earphone guarantees hours and hours of great music, thanks to its battery life of up to 18 hours, with 6 hours of uninterrupted playback and another 12 hours combined with charging the case;
  • With the new Fast Charging and Wireless Charging features on the FN6 you can get an hour of playback of your music with just 5 minutes of wired or wireless charging.

Sleek, ergonomic, and durable design

  • TONE Free is designed to fit comfortably in your ears. Proper weight distribution doesn’t bother you and still helps you stay fixed and secure.
  • For greater convenience in everyday life, the headphones are also resistant to sweat and rain, that is, you can listen to your music in any outdoor or indoor environment.

Your way

  • Offering even more connectivity options, you can access the LG Tone Free* app through your smartphone and control your device’s main functions, such as checking the battery level, making custom adjustments, or even locating your earbuds. *Available for Android and iOS operating system

The suggested price is R$1,199.00. For more information, go to:  



The handset is very light and stylish. A point to be highlighted is the excellent fixation and comfort in use. In addition, it has IPX4 protection against sweat and rain. I practice street running almost daily and used this phone for fifteen days straight with no problems! On two of those days, I ran for over an hour in heavy rain. Zero problems with the headset and the perfect sound!

The first thing to do before starting to use the phone is to install the control APP on your smartphone. This way the user will be able to extract all the features of the phone. It can even be used only with a Bluetooth connection, but some functions of the handset cannot be used.

The Android APP, after executed, shows the following screen:

After pairing we enter the phone settings:

You can see how many controls the user has over the phone! I used it all the time with Active Noise Canceling turned on and loud. Also, I left with the Immersive option activated at the beginning. Then moved to Custom1 which adjusted the graphic equalizer according to my preferences.

I have not tampered with the touch control options suggested in the user manual. By the way, the APP has a summary of the user manual with the main usage information. Very good idea!

A very nice feature is being able to turn off ring noise cancellation on the handset. Mainly in the case of street races or even on planes. Unfortunately, the Pandemic wouldn’t let me test the phone on air travel. But, if all goes well, I think I can test it on a trip I’ll make in two months (now I’m fully immunized with both doses!).

It is difficult to find any defect in this LG phone. It’s really top of the line. In my particular case, I think the volume could be a little higher, but that’s because I’m already experienced (old!) and the hearing isn’t the same as in my 20s! I shared it with my 18-year-old son and he thought the volume was great. I could say the suggested price is high, but it is in line with other premium quality headphones on the market.

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