Tips for professionals who need high-performance notebooks

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in companies and education and boosted the demand for notebooks throughout Brazil. According to IDC Brazil, in the third quarter of 2020, for example, sales of notebook computers increased by 25.7% compared to the same period last year, reaching 1.3 million units. To help professionals who are still looking for machines that better meet their work needs, especially those who need high performance, 2 A.M. listed some features that can and should be taken into account when purchasing.

“Before purchasing a notebook for work, it is necessary to understand the programs that will be used in the routine. It is recommended to check the indicated settings for the software and choose a processor that meets your requirements”, said Marcos Wendler, manager of 2 A.M., who highlighted four reasons why the E550 is considered the right choice for designers, architects, engineers, and other professionals who work with authoring and editing programs. 

Desktop Processor: 

A desktop processor in a notebook means more speed and performance for the user without losing portability. Ideal for those who need to use heavy software, such as video editors and programs with 3D images, this feature is a great advantage of the 2 A.M E550. “Practice, mobility, and performance are fundamental characteristics for those looking for productivity gains today. Combining these three worlds will certainly avoid many worries and headaches for those who depend on technology to work”, said Wendler. 

More screens: 

A good tip for professionals who use simultaneous programs are always making calls, don’t do without a spreadsheet, and stay connected to the email all the time, is to use more than one screen. To ensure versatility, in addition to images without lags or crashes, it is important to look for models with variety and quality of connection ports, such as the E550, which has an HDMI output, two minis Display Port and four USB ports.

Speed ​​and safety: 

To access and use heavier programs quickly and without crashes, a great option is to bet on SSDs (solid-state drivers), which, in addition to being fast, are much safer than HDs, as they have no moving internal parts and are more resistant to shocks during transport. The E550 notebook has models that already come with SSDs, and even in HD versions of up to 1TB, it comes with two SSD slots for NVMe, the standard that offers read speeds up to 3.9 times faster than traditional SATA SSDs and 16 times larger than traditional HD. “Users who need a lot of storage space and don’t want to be held hostage by hard drives, can install an additional SSD in their machines and use it to access heavy programs that demand higher performance. They will certainly have a more fluid and crash-free experience,” said Wendler. 

Video card: 

Gaming notebooks often have advanced graphics cards, which render faster and keep frame rates very high. Creative professionals, who use image editors and 3D modeling programs, for example, will find it easier to perform their tasks on computers with this feature. 2 A.M. E550, for example, comes equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, which perfectly matches the 15.6″ Full HD screen, 1920×1080 pixels, and IPS technology. 

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